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Monday, 18. June 2012
The Sustainable Timber Olympic Legacy

The Sustainable Timber Olympic Legacy: Velodrome – London Olympic Games 2012 (© © Olympic Development Authority)© © Olympic Development Authority

From the village where the athletes stay in to the cycle track on which they race and from the tickets in the spectators’ hands to the park benches upon which they rest, FSC® is more part of this year’s Olympic Games than any other global event.

The Olympic Park itself became the first construction project to gain joint FSC and PEFC certification, with more than two thirds of the timber on site being FSC certified. When it comes to the Athletes’ Village, FSC material makes up over 98% of the timber content.

As tickets are despatched and event literature is prepared, the presence of the FSC label publicly conveys the organisers’ commitment to source sustainable forest products, a key element of the pledge to make this the  greenest Olympics ever.

Charles Thwaites, Executive Director of FSC UK, comments: "When a project of this magnitude can place high environmental standards at its heart it should surely encourage others to strive to do the same.  We hope that an increased awareness of FSC and greater demand for sustainably sourced timber and paper will be one of the enduring legacies of London 2012".

1.    The Olympic Development Authority set a target to maximise the use of legal and sustainable timber. To achieve this target, the ODA created a Timber Management Plan. A key element of this plan was the establishment of a Timber Supplier Panel (a panel of approved suppliers of legal and sustainable timber products), which all contractors on the Olympic Park were contractually required to use. The Olympic Park is certified under FSC project certificate SA-PRO-003095.
2.    On the Olympic and Paralympic Village only FSC timber was specified which reflected that this was initially a private development and therefore followed the contractor’s policy.The Athlete’s Village is certified under FSC project certificate TT-PRO-002826.

The Sustainable Timber Olympic Legacy: Bench – London Olympic Games 2012 (© © Olympic Development Authority)© © Olympic Development Authority

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