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Friday, 01. February 2013
Second Public consultation launched on Chain of Custody certification of multiple sites standard

© SXC.huFSC invites public comment on the second revised draft standard for Chain of Custody (COC) certification of multiple sites. This draft standard merges the FSC policy for group … read more …

Friday, 01. February 2013
First Public Consultation dates set by the IGI Steering Committee

© SXC.huThe First Draft of the IGIs will be publicly consulted from 15 February to 15 April 2013 read more …

Wednesday, 23. January 2013
4 new National Risk Assessments for Controlled Wood approved

© FSC A.C.National Risk Assessments for Controlled Wood from Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Ukraine approved. read more …

Tuesday, 22. January 2013
World Forests Summit – Achieving sustainable forest management on a global scale

World Forests SummitMarch 5th-6th 2013 • Stockholm, Sweden.
The World Forests Summit, organised by The Economist, will gather leading experts from around the world to identify common … read more …

Monday, 21. January 2013
Largest dairy producer in Norway launches FSC certified beverage cartons

© TINETINE is the largest dairy producer and distributor in Norway. From January 2013, all of TINE’s beverage cartons will carry the FSC logo – meaning 550 million FSC certified … read more …

Tuesday, 15. January 2013
FSC responds to EU consultation on follow-up to Rio+20

© FSC A.C. – Rio+20On 7 January 2013, FSC responded to the European Commission’s call for contributions to a consultation on “ensuring sustainable development globally”. This consultation … read more …

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