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Thursday, 06. February 2014
Call for Working Group members and Technical Experts for the revision of the FSC Policy for Association

FSC is seeking applicants from the FSC membership for a new Working Group for the revision of the FSC Policy for Association (FSC-POL-01-004) and the related Due Diligence System (FSC-PRO-10-004). The sub-chamber balanced working group is supposed to be supported by a group of Technical Experts which is also open to non-members. Please find the below the detailed Call for Applicants and the Application Forms to serve on the Working Group or as a Technical Expert to the group. read more …

Tuesday, 04. February 2014
Forests need special place in Sustainable Development Goals

NEW YORK -- Next year, the United Nations (UN) will adopt a set of new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which expire in 2015. The SDGs need to include a goal or target on forests, and an indicator on sustainable forest management. read more …

Wednesday, 29. January 2014
Consultation report published on FSC Advice note for the Online Claims Platform

OCP (©© sxc.huBetween 29th October and 29th December 2013 FSC invited stakeholders to comment on the FSC Advice note for the Online Claims Platform (OCP). read more …

Wednesday, 29. January 2014
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) launches leading initiative to Strengthen Aboriginal Peoples’ Rights in Canadian Forests

Shaputuan on the Mushuau-Nipi, Canada (© Valerie Courtois)© Valerie CourtoisRigorously applying Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) to FSC’s standards for Forest Management read more …

Tuesday, 28. January 2014
Working together for sustainable growth: FSC China Business Forum

FSC Key Account Manager Yi Lan presenting the latest market trends on FSC (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.On 16 January 2014, the FSC China Business Forum was held in Shanghai. It was the follow-up to the first FSC China Business Forum held at the FSC In Good Company event in 2011 in Bonn, Germany. More than 50 participants from businesses and the non-profit sector engaged with FSC at the one-day event. The forum focused on developing FSC’s position in the fast growing Chinese market. read more …

Friday, 24. January 2014
Use Your Voice: 2nd Public Consultation Opens for International Generic Indicators

On 24 January 2014, FSC International opened the second public consultation for the draft International Generic Indicators (IGIs). The public consultation will remain open until 31 March 2014. read more …

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