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Friday, 16. August 2013
FSC responds to ISO forest standard initiators

The national standardisation bodies of Brazil and Germany, who initiated a proposal for the development of an ISO standard related to forest products, responded, on the 2nd of … read more …

Thursday, 15. August 2013
FSC certified paper is a key element in green printing in North America

© FSC A.C.A new report finds that 64% of North American printers participating in a survey prefer FSC certified paper. The Green Print Leadership Report, published by Canopy, a Canadian … read more …

Thursday, 15. August 2013
Office Depot announces landmark paper purchasing policy

Landmark paper purchasing policy (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.On August 7, 2013, Office Depot released a new “greener paper purchasing policy” designed to increase its … read more …

Tuesday, 13. August 2013
Public consultation on the proposal to revise the FSC-STD-20-002 (V3-0) EN Structure, content and local adaptation of Generic Forest Stewardship Standards launched

© SXC.huFSC invites stakeholder comments on the proposal to revise the FSC-STD-20-002 read more …

Thursday, 08. August 2013
FSC Ends Association with the APRIL Group

Effective 7 August 2013, the Forest Stewardship Council has ended all association with the APRIL Group, including the immediate termination of all Trademark License Agreements … read more …

Thursday, 08. August 2013
FSC OCP Spreadsheet Processor Webinar Series now available

OCPThe beta version of the FSC OCP is on track to be launched at the beginning of October 2013. It will be required for all new certificate holders starting January 1, 2014 with … read more …

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