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News and topics around our activities

Friday, 28. June 2013
Smallholder Update for Q2

Field-testing of the FSC Modular Approach Program in KenyaThe Smallholder Update for the second quarter of 2013 is now published and you can download it here. read more …

Friday, 28. June 2013
Strengthening the FSC Controlled Wood System

Milan Reska (© Milan Reska)© Milan ReskaPublic consultation on revised Controlled Wood National Risk Assessment documents launched read more …

Wednesday, 26. June 2013
FSC Welcomes Greenpeace Case Studies

As a member-led organization, the Forest Stewardship Council derives its strength and integrity from active engagement by a very diverse set of stakeholders. FSC’s members, … read more …

Saturday, 22. June 2013

On 23 May 2013, Greenpeace, WWF Indonesia and the Rainforest Action Network filed a formal complaint with the Forest Stewardship Council about association with the APRIL Group. In … read more …

Friday, 21. June 2013
Increasing consumer awareness of FSC in the Nordic countries

© FSC A.C.A recent consumer awareness study in Finland, Norway and Sweden showed an increasing awareness of FSC in these countries. Seventeen percent of respondents in Sweden were aware of … read more …

Friday, 21. June 2013
We are working for you

The FSC International Generic Indicator (IGI) Group met in Madrid (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.The FSC International Generic Indicator (IGI) Group met in Madrid, Spain, in June to start analyzing the feedback received during the first public consultation of the first draft … read more …

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