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Monday, 07. September 2015
FSC® at the XIV World Forestry Congress

WFCSunday, 06. September 2015 – Thursday, 10. September 2015
Organizer: FAO
Location: Durban, South Africa read more …

Monday, 31. August 2015
Trustworthy, unique and innovative: the FSC brand in Italy

Trustworthy, unique and innovative: the FSC brand in Italy (© FSC Italy)© FSC ItalyRecently published consumer research shows that FSC is the best-known forest certification brand in Italy. Nearly half of the survey respondents (49%) were familiar with the FSC brand, with awareness reaching 67% among 25–34-year-olds. read more …

Monday, 31. August 2015
The FSC Chain of Custody standard: draft released for second consultation

Chain of CustodyThe second draft of the Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard (FSC-STD-40-004) is open for consultation from 1 September 2015. This revised draft is accompanied by a discussion paper that proposes a range of options to provide better assurance for FSC transactions between FSC Certificate Holders. read more …

Friday, 28. August 2015
The global volume and market share of FSC-certified timber

The global volume and market share of FSC-certified timber (© FSC GD)© FSC GDFSC recently conducted a comprehensive study to estimate the global volume of FSC-certified wood harvested each year. read more …

Friday, 28. August 2015
A small Russian operator with a big impact

Victor Zosimovich Pankratov (© Victor Zosimovich Pankratov)© Victor Zosimovich PankratovVictor Pankratov walks through his 820-hectare forest near the north-eastern Russian city of Kirov every day. He does this because he wants to manage his forest in a hands-on way that will help grow his business and make a difference to other small operators. read more …

Thursday, 27. August 2015
Update on Controlled Wood Company Risk Assessments

Board Decision (© FSC G.D.)© FSC G.D.Bonn, Germany (28 August 2015) – Company risk assessments will no longer be eliminated on 31 December 2015, as previously communicated; rather company risk assessments will be phased out over time by replacing the current standard – that allows these risk assessments - with a revised standard – that after a transition period will no longer allow company risk assessments in their current form. read more …

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