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Friday, 28. August 2015
A small Russian operator with a big impact

Victor Zosimovich Pankratov (© Victor Zosimovich Pankratov)© Victor Zosimovich PankratovVictor Pankratov walks through his 820-hectare forest near the north-eastern Russian city of Kirov every day. He does this because he wants to manage his forest in a hands-on way that will help grow his business and make a difference to other small operators. read more …

Thursday, 23. July 2015
FSC certification for school in Canada

FSC certifies school in CanadaSome called it a pipedream, but for Shawnigan Lake School, seeking FSC certification was the most natural thing in the world. read more …

Monday, 18. May 2015
The Smallholder Fund in 2015

Following the successful launch of the Smallholder Fund in 2013, we want to take this opportunity to fill you in on the plans for the Fund in 2015. read more …

Friday, 20. March 2015
FSC Smallholder Fund Provides Access to Community Forests in Canada

By: Monika Patel, Director of Programs & Communications, FSC Canada read more …

Friday, 13. March 2015
FSC Train the Trainers program launched in Latin America

FSC Train the Trainers program in Latin America (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.The FSC Train the Trainers program aims at building the capacity of trainees so that they can go on to deliver training to smallholders in their own regions and countries read more …

Friday, 06. February 2015
FSC Smallholder Fund Helps Canada’s Grey Sauble Conservation Authority Achieve FSC Certification

FSC Smallholder Fund Helps Canada’s Grey Sauble Conservation Authority Achieve FSC Certification – Grey Sauble Conservation Authority, Ontario, Canada © Eastern Ontario Model Forest (© Eastern Ontario Model Forest)© Eastern Ontario Model ForestThrough the Eastern Ontario Model Forest’s (EOMF) Forest Certification Program, the forests owned and managed by Grey Sauble Conservation Authority (GSCA) have achieved FSC forest management certification with assistance from FSC’s Smallholder Fundread more …

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