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Technical Updates

Wednesday, 07. November 2012
Public Consultation launched on Advice Notes on Applicable Legislation

Three draft Advice Notes are being published for public consultation: FSC-ADV-40-005-19 on Applicable National and Local Laws and Regulations for Controlled Wood Company Risk Assessment; FSC-ADV-20-007-17 on Applicable National and Local Laws and Regulations and the FSC-ADV-30-010-01 on Applicable National and Local Laws and Regulations for Controlled Wood for Forest Management Enterprises.

Given recent development with government legality initiatives, such as the US Lacey Act and EU Timber Regulation, it is important that the scope of the list of laws required by FSC is clear and consistent with the definition of “applicable legislation” as outlined in such regulations.

The objective of this public consultation is to collect stakeholder feedback on the list of applicable legislation included within these Advice Notes and the implementation of the Advice by the Certification Bodies and affected Certificate Holders. The list of applicable legislation builds on and refines the current list of applicable laws in the Controlled Wood Standards.

This is the first step in working towards a unified approach to timber legality risk assessment, offering a robust toolkit that satisfies strict regulations established or coming into place in key markets, such as the EU, the US and Australia.

Documents under consultation:
The draft Advice Notes, and the comments form to provide feedback, can be found here.

These drafts are being submitted for a 30 day public consultation. The deadline is the 1 December 2012. Please, send your comments to Rosario Galán, Forest Policy Officer, at r.galan at fsc point org.