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Technical Updates

Monday, 18. November 2013
Forest Peoples Programme will verify Danzer’s potential re-association with FSC

FSC is pleased to announce that the Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) will verify whether the Danzer Group has fulfilled the conditions for re-association with FSC. Danzer is expected to produce a final report of their work towards meeting the conditions before the March 2014 FSC Board meeting.

To fulfil the conditions, Danzer will have to demonstrate that it has lived up to their commitments towards the Yalisika community, and that a conflict prevention and mitigation framework was developed and is being implemented by Danzer. In case of full compliance, verified by the FPP and approved by the FSC Board, Danzer may apply for re-association subsequently.

Please read the conditions for re-association in the Memorandum of Understanding between FSC and Danzer. Please download the document below.

FSC disassociated from Danzer on 21 May 2013 as the result of a complaint filed by Greenpeace against Siforco, Danzer’s former subsidiary in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Swisspeace is supporting Danzer in meeting the conditions for re-association. To learn more about the case and read the progress reports, please go to