Examples of Single and Multi-use Grants

There are two types of funding: the single-use grant (one year, €5,000–30,000) and the multi-use grant (up to three years, €5,000–50,000).

A successful single-use project can re-apply for a second single-use grant, but there is no guarantee of consecutive funding.

The single-use grant runs for one year and is between €5,000 and €30,000. Example 1 shows a typical set of activities that could be funded using this grant.

The multi-use grant runs for up to three years and is between €5,000 and €50,000, with a cap of €30,000 expenditure in the first year. To qualify, proposals for multi-use grants must show the logical progression of the activities and investments for which the grant is intended. All activities and investments that need to be funded for more than a year or which include several steps to reach their objective are appropriate for this type of grant. Examples 2 and 3 illustrate how the multi-use grant might be used.

Example 1 Single Use

To be able to comply with the requirements of Principle 4, Forest Management Unit X needs to buy safety equipment for its forest workers. Forest workers’ transport has to be adequate, the harvesting unit needs better storage for oils, and hygiene in the kitchen, accommodation and bathrooms at the forest camp must be improved. Workers also need to be trained in First Aid, fire protection and firefighting. Altogether, these aspects of meeting the certification requirements cost €30,000, an investment can be covered by the single use grant scheme

Example 2 Multi-use

To aggregate value on the logs in its timber yard in the first year of the grant, Company Y needs a mobile saw mill and a wood plane (€28,000). But they will also need somebody to work with the tools, and one or two specialists must be trained (€2,000). By the second year, maintenance and spare parts will be needed (€5,000), and a further investment is planned, a simple wood dryer for producing wood chips to expand the business (€5,000). The third year of the grant is invested in a consultant to help access the market and ensure that Company Y’s high-quality products can be marketed for the best price (€10,000). This chain of activities would need about €50,000 over two to three years.

Example 3 Multi-use

To meet the criteria in Principle 9, on High Conservation Value (HCV) forest management, Forest Owners’ Group Z needs to determine how to define HCV and work out how to manage ongoing monitoring within the group. This demands the resources of a facilitator to help the group understand its objectives, ensure the engagement of all stakeholders, elaborate a management plan and steer it through any institutional or legal processes as necessary. An investment of €15,000 might be needed in the first year to establish an adequate management structure and establish ground rules and monitoring. The cost of employing environmental agents to carry out the monitoring in the first and second years could be met by the grant, until revenues from sales of certified products can cover them.

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