National Standards Update

Once the Policy and Standards Unit (PSU) has approved the Work Plan developed by the Standards Development Group (SDG), National Standards development go through the following summarized phases:

1. Under development by SDG.
The standard is in active development by the SDG. During this time PSU offers advice and orientation to the SDGs. Continuous feedback and communication between the PSU and the SDGs is important to assure the success of this phase.

2. Under assessment by PSU.
At the end of the development process and with the formal approval of the SDG, the pre-approval draft is submitted to PSU for assessment. The PSU elaborates an assessment report with pre-approval conditions to be addressed by the SDG. 

3. Addressing pre- approval conditions by SDG.
The PSU sends back the revised pre-approval draft of the standard to the SDG to amend the pre-approval conditions.

4. Submitted to Policy and Standards Committee (PSC) /BoD for decision.
Once the final draft of the standard has been accepted by PSU, it will be sent to the PSC to give the final approval of the standard. 

Progress status of national standards submitted for approval.

There are no national standards submitted for approval at this point in time. 
Please visit regularly for updates!

For more information, please contact Gordian Fanso, National Standards Manager, at g.fanso at fsc point org.

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